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Upon completion of this course participants will:

The following are examples of on request courses we have provided to Federal, State, and Local government agencies, including the Department of Defense.

  • Telephone intercept
  • Body wires
  • Bugging devices
  • Electronic vehicle tracking
  • Electronic triggering devices for improvised explosive devices(IED) and weapons of mass destruction(WMD), etc...

The duration of the course is set by the requesting agency but must be long enough for us to adequately provide the training requested.

*Our goal at Jarvis is to ensure every student is getting the most out of the training experience. For this reason, our classes are customizable, and do not need to strictly follow the day to day course description. For example, if you already familiar with this subject matter and are seeking more practical exercises than classroom time, that can be made possible. Please make any classroom changes known at the time of sign-up. This may affect pricing.



Government Restricted Course