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Upon completion of this course participants will:

  • Be introduced to various locking devices and their capabilities and limitations.
  • Learn through practical exercises the art of lock picking, impressionist, drilling and other methods of defeating some locks.
  • Develop an acceptable level of knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities of the various access control systems.
  • Learn by performing and observe the methods of bypassing/defeating alarms systems and the various electronic access control system.
  • Participants will be spilt up into small teams and will plan and perform a "real" covert entry on a selected residence.

Note: A special one week course is available on request which is dedicated to bypassing/defeating alarm and electronic access control systems. This course consists primarily of practical exercises where the participants will build electronic devices which they will use to bypass/defeat alarm and access control systems.

*Our goal at Jarvis is to ensure every student is getting the most out of the training experience. For this reason, our classes are customizable, and do not need to strictly follow the day to day course description. For example, if you already familiar with this subject matter and are seeking more practical exercises than classroom time, that can be made possible. Please make any classroom changes known at the time of sign-up.
**Note this may affect pricing.


Government Restricted Course